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Germany promotes gradual transformation to biofuels

Germany became the first Airbus customer nation whose Air Force is seeking a gradual transformation to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) for its operating fleet of A400Ms.

Additionally, Airbus reported that it is working to provide them with a technical authorization so that it can begin flight tests of the German A400M with up to 50% SAF in the short term.

For his part, General Ingo Gerhartz, head of the German Air Force, pointed out that they are already prepared for the SAF. “By working closely with the industry we are looking forward to finally certifying the A400M as well. For the future, we are supporting all initiatives to introduce SAF across our fleet, including fast-reaction aircraft."

In 2022, Airbus is planning a test flight of an A400M aircraft with a fuel load of up to 50% SAF. This initial test flight will be conducted on a single four-engine, to better assess the aircraft's overall behavior.

Upon successful completion of the single-engine flight, Airbus expects to continue testing on all four engines throughout 2023 and once activities on the A400M are completed, it will be formally cleared for customers with access to 50% SAF.

Additionally, Airbus, the Joint Organization for Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) and the A400M aircraft nations are participating in initial discussions to develop the roadmap towards 100% SAF certification and operational use.

Regarding the C295, Airbus announced that it also intends to carry out a flight test campaign with 50% SAF.

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