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GE Provides Avionics and Power Systems for the New Gulfstream G400 and Gulfstream G800

GE Aviation is supplying the data concentration network, advanced power management system and health management system for the recently unveiled Gulfstream G400 and Gulfstream G800 business jets.

“We are excited to continue our technology collaboration with Gulfstream for the G400 and G800 aircraft. Gulfstream is a leader in business jets, and this proven technology has been a differentiator for the Gulfstream G500 and Gulfstream G600. We’re working with Gulfstream to continue this leadership in the marketplace,” said Brad Mottier, president of Systems for GE Aviation.

The data concentration network for the G400 and G800 is common from the G500 and G600 and builds on GE’s common core system from the Boeing 787. The system provides a highly configurable integrated data network for the aircraft and offers a way to seamlessly connect avionics and manage aircraft functions. Using GE’s tool suite, the data concentration network can be rapidly re-configured, enabling efficient integration and significantly reducing cost of change over the life of the airplane.

Working alongside this network on the G400 and G800 is GE’s advanced power management system, also common with the G500 and G600. This system exploits GE’s modular power tile which can be positioned around the aircraft to free passenger cabin space and reduce wiring needs as well as host utility function controls enabling the removal of dedicated, federated boxes.

“The power management system provides aircraft manufacturers with more configuration control through GE’s tool suite and its pre-designed flexible architecture can significantly reduce integration risk across the aircraft life cycle” commented Andrew Carlisle, vice president of Systems Sales and Commercial Operations for GE Aviation.

“The health management system on the G400 and G800 builds on GE’s technology on the G500 and G600 and that powers Gulfstream’s PlaneConnect™ system on the Gulfstream G650,” added Carlisle. “The system will include enhanced compute monitoring of more than 9,000 parameters with real-time communications through satellite, Wi-Fi transmission and 4G/cellular.”

S: BusinessWire

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