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Fokker 100: the plane that conquered Europe

The Fokker 100 was manufactured by the defunct Dutch company Fokker during the year 1986, and its production lasted almost 10 years. The plane was a great ally of many airlines in Europe and America. Mexicana de Aviación also operated several of these teams to serve its domestic routes. After years of success manufacturing military aircraft, Fokker decided to enter the commercial aircraft market in the mid-1980s. The goal was to develop a 100-seat airliner that would be economical, easy to operate and maintain. . The Fokker 100 was secretly developed during the 1980s, and the first prototype first flew on November 11, 1986. The aircraft entered commercial service in September 1987, and a total of 283 aircraft were built before closure. off the assembly line in 1997. Although the aircraft was very popular during its time, the Fokker company was unable to stay afloat and declared bankruptcy in 1996. This aircraft was one of the first commercial aircraft to incorporate modern technologies such as electronic flight control (fly-by-wire) and anti-lock brakes. It also offered great operating economy and low maintenance cost. The Fokker 100 emerged as a project to replace the popular Fokker F28 Fellowship, and was in direct competition with another short-range turbofan aircraft of the time, the Boeing 737-200. The aircraft has a maximum capacity of 106 passengers and can reach a maximum speed of 870 km/h, thanks to the propulsion of its Rolls-Royce RB 183 Tay turbofan engines with a thrust of 61.6 kN and up to 67 kN in the latest versions. of the aircraft. In addition, it is equipped with a fly-by-wire flight control system, which is very rare for an aircraft of this size, being the first to use this type of technology. The Fokker 100 had a long and successful career. The Austrian company Austrian Airlines was the first to operate the plane, and they were later followed by other airlines such as Lufthansa, Swissair, KLM, British Airways and the defunct Mexicana de Aviación, Click and Aviacsa. Although the aircraft was withdrawn from commercial service in 2019, there are still a few Fokker 100s flying today as cargo or business jets.

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