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First flight in history with 100% sustainable fuel in a regional commercial aircraft achieved

On June 23rd, regional aircraft manufacturer ATR, Swedish airline Braathens Regional Airlines and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplier Neste collaborated to conduct the first 100% SAF-powered test flight on a commercial regional aircraft. When used neat, Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel™ reduces greenhouse gas emissions over its life cycle by up to 80% compared to using fossil fuel for aircraft.

This historic flight took place in Sweden and is part of the 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) certification process for ATR aircraft that began in September 2021 in cooperation with Braathens and Neste and should be completed by 2025. It was the last in a series of successful ground and air tests on the ATR 72-600 prototype aircraft conducted in early 2022, including flights with 100% SAF on one engine, and today was the first time 100% SAF on two engines had been flown.

ATR chief pilot Cyril Cizabuiroz, co-pilot Jean-Pierre Marre, and flight-test mechanic Pascal Daussin flew the plane from Malmo, a coastal city in southern Sweden, to Bromma, near Stockholm, which it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The results of the flight will be analyzed and published at a later date.

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