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Find out which are the best airlines in the world in 2022

Like every year, Skytrax held the World Airline Awards, which recognizes the best airlines in the world. The winners are chosen through passenger surveys. In 2022, the world's best airline award for the seventh time went to Doha-based Qatar Airways. The World Airline Awards were created in 1999, the year in which Skytrax conducted its first global satisfaction survey. According to the company's website, any airline can be nominated, so participation is not limited to any one airline. To find out this year's winners, the survey was conducted from September 2021 to August 2022. Among the users who participated in the survey, there are passengers of more than 100 nationalities. More than 350 airlines were nominated this year, and were recognized in one of the participating categories. The main award categories are: best airlines in the world, best low-cost airlines, best entertainment system, best first class and best airline alliance. The 2022 winners were: Best airlines in the world: 1. Qatar Airways 2. Singapore Airlines 3. Emirates 4. All Nippon Airways (ANA) 5. Qantas Airlines 6. Japanese Airlines 7. Turkey Airlines 8. Air France 9. Korean Air 10. Swiss International Air Lines. Best low-cost airlines: 1. AirAsia 2. Scooter 3. Southwest Airlines 4. Ryanair 5. Indigo 6. VuelingAirlines 7. EasyJet 8. com 9. Jetstar Airways 10. Flynas Best inflight entertainment: 1. Emirates 2. United Airlines 3. Qatar Airways 4. Singapore Airlines 5. Delta Airlines 6. JetBlue Airways 7. Qantas Airways 8. Virgin Atlantic 9. Turkey Airlines 10. American Airlines

Best First Class: 1. Singapore Airlines 2. Emirates 3. Swiss International Airlines 4. Air France 5. All Nippon Airways (ANA) 6. Lufthansa 7. Japanese Airlines 8. Qatar Airways 9. British Airways 10. Korean Air Best Airline Alliance: 1. Star Alliance 2. SkyTeam 3. Oneworld

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