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FedEx Express: CEO retires after 40 years

2022 marks an important milestone in Donald F Colleran's career as he retires from the company after nearly 40 years as president and CEO.

Colleran originally worked as an employee of Flying Tigers in the 1980s, just before the acquisition of FedEx in 1989. By that time he had already served in key positions within the company, so in 1992 he emigrated to Tokyo to start his career as an International Sales and Operations Manager, which lasted 12 years.

In subsequent years, he continued to climb within FedEx, including the Management of Canada´s operations, considerably increasing the region's sales portfolio.

Its impact on the corporate goes beyond sales and is reflected in the cooperative culture and work environment.

His successor will be Richard W Smith, who is the President of the Americas and who will have the opportunity to continue an important legacy.

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