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FAA authorizes Boeing to restart 787 Dreamliner deliveries

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the US aeronautical regulator, finally gave its approval to the manufacturer Boeing to restart deliveries of its Boeing 787 Dreamliner model after more than a year of having stopped them, after encounter problems in newly manufactured aircraft and until they are satisfied with the manufacturer's repairs and procedures, so that the 737 MAX does not happen to them again.

Boeing is expected to restart deliveries to customers in the coming days to planes that already have the repairs and have already been inspected to certify that they meet established standards. Boeing had to stop deliveries of the plane from May 2021, although since September 2020 they were evaluating problems with the newly manufactured planes due to failures in the rear fuselage joints and other problems that appeared.

For its part, Boeing pointed out that they continue to work transparently with the FAA and its customers to restart the delivery of the planes. Just last month the FAA approved Boeing's plan to repair the planes, submitting to the authority the first of nearly 120 planes it has in storage after a year of being unable to deliver.

The FAA stated again that they will inspect each plane before issuing its certificate of airworthiness and giving authorization for delivery. Normally, the FAA delegates the issuance of the certificate to the manufacturers, but given Boeing's recent problems, not only with the Dreamliner, it decided to withdraw its authorization until it is satisfied with the work that the company is doing to comply with the repairs and specifications of their planes. The FAA had also trusted Boeing about the information for the certification of the 737 MAX, but after the accidents and the problems found in the information that Boeing gave to the authority, the FAA is being very strict with the company.

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