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Enhancing Aviation Options: Textron Aviation Introduces the Cessna Citation Longitude to Mexico

Textron Aviation has delivered the first Cessna Citation Longitude registered in Mexico to a customer with plans to fly to the United States and Canada. The Citation Longitude recently obtained certification from Mexico's Federal Civil Aviation Agency.

"The performance, efficiency, and unmatched cabin experience of the Citation Longitude make it the perfect choice for both passengers and pilots, and we are pleased to deliver it to our customers in Mexico," said Lannie O'Bannion, Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Flight Operations.

"We are grateful to the owners and operators who continue to choose Citation executive jets for their business and personal travel, as well as to the extraordinary workforce of Textron Aviation that designs, builds, and maintains our legendary aircraft line," O'Bannion added.

The Citation Longitude is one of the most advanced aircraft designed by Textron Aviation, incorporating new technologies such as integrated autopilot, autothrottles, and emergency descent mode (EDM). The aircraft's design has been developed with the pilot's experience, passenger comfort, and overall performance in mind.

This executive jet can fly non-stop from Monterrey, Mexico to Asunción, Paraguay, thanks to its maximum range of 6,482 kilometers. It is also capable of completing flights between the west coast of Mexico and East Asia with just one technical stop.

The aircraft's configuration allows for transporting up to 12 passengers and features an optional seat for the cabin crew. Powered by Honeywell HTF7700L engines equipped with FADEC, the Longitude offers longer inspection intervals of 18 months or 800 hours.

Textron Aviation's delivery of the first Cessna Citation Longitude in Mexico marks a significant milestone, providing customers in the region with access to the exceptional performance and advanced features of this modern aircraft. With its impressive range and capabilities, the Citation Longitude is poised to enhance travel experiences for both business and personal use, reaffirming Textron Aviation's commitment to delivering innovative solutions to the private aviation market.

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