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Emirates SkyCargo Welcomes Back the Iconic Boeing 747 to Its Fleet

Emirates recently announced the addition of two Boeing 747-400F (Freighter) planes to its cargo fleet through a wet-leasing contract that includes crew, maintenance, and insurance. These planes will soon be handed over to Emirates SkyCargo, providing immediate capacity while supporting growth plans that aim to double capacity over the next decade. The airline expects to receive 15 more cargo planes in the coming years, as well as an increase in cargo capacity in passenger planes' holds, starting with the Airbus A350 by late summer 2024, followed by the Boeing 777X the following year.

The two Boeing 747s are meant to fill the gap until the new planes arrive. Emirates is also expecting five new Boeing 777F planes next year, followed by ten more Boeing 777-300ER units in 2025. Emirates SkyCargo hopes to double its existing capacity over the next decade, adding over 20 new destinations to its cargo network and providing even greater flexibility and services to its customers with a fleet of more than 300 wide-body aircraft, including the 777, 777-F, 747-F, A350, and A380.

Nabil Sultan, Senior Vice President of Emirates SkyCargo, stated that despite the current market's volatility, Emirates SkyCargo is moving forward with its plans. Mid- to long-term projections for global air cargo show an upward trajectory of between 3 and 5%. Combine Dubai's strategy to double its foreign trade, where multimodal logistics will play a significant role, with the economic activity occurring in the Gulf, West Asia, and Africa markets, and the opportunity for Emirates SkyCargo is evident.

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