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Emirates and United seek codeshare approval

United Airlines and Emirates Airlines have requested approval from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to share their airline codes, under an agreement the two companies reached last year. “Phase 1” encompasses United's various North American routes from its hubs in Chicago, Houston and San Francisco, and more than two dozen Emirates flights from its Dubai hub. The deal could cover "additional codeshare for non-open skies points that may launch in the future," the companies said in a DOT filing dated Jan. 5 of this year. “Granting this request is in the public interest, as it will provide substantial consumer benefits by enhancing the service options available to the American public traveling between the US, the United Arab Emirates, and points beyond,” the companies said. According to information from Flightglobal, the carriers submitted a list of planned codeshare routes, where United intends to carry the Emirates code on 126 routes from Chicago, 105 from Houston and 41 from San Francisco; For its part, Emirates plans to carry the United code on 27 routes from Dubai. Last September, the airlines put aside a trade dispute and launched the new partnership that they said would expand their international presence at the expense of competitors. The agreement brought reconciliation between United and Emirates, which had taken opposing positions during a dispute over subsidies last decade. This deal encompasses United, Emirates and discount store Flydubai, which has business ties to Emirates and involves code sharing with the airlines, selling partner flights as its own.

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