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Embraer's Ipanema Achieves Milestone with 65 Deliveries in 2023

Embraer's Agricultural Aviation Division proudly announced the delivery of 65 Ipanema aircraft in 2023, marking an impressive 18% increase from the previous year. This milestone catapulted the company to a remarkable total of 1,600 units produced and delivered over five decades of uninterrupted production, solidifying its position in the aviation market.

Since the introduction of the enhanced EMB-203 model in 2020, Embraer has experienced sustained growth in sales. As part of their projections for the current year, Embraer intends to ramp up Ipanema aircraft production to 70 units, reflecting the ongoing demand and confidence in their products. Sany Onofre, Embraer's Ipanema Program Manager, expressed enthusiasm, stating, "We are delighted to see how the Ipanema has contributed to the high productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of the sector."

As a market leader in Brazilian aerial applications, the Ipanema stands out for its innovations and improvements, providing robustness with low operating costs and carbon emissions. Notably, it is the only certified and serially produced agricultural aircraft capable of flying on ethanol—a renewable energy source that enhances the aircraft's engine power.

The Ipanema continues to showcase Embraer's commitment to advancing aviation technology with a focus on environmental sustainability.

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