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DOT Announces FAA and Boeing Audit

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that in July 2022 it will carry out an audit of the supervision of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), derived from the multiple complaints that have been filed about production problems of the Boeing 747 aircraft and 787 and for allegations of unjustified pressure on employees on assembly lines in the United States.

The agency reported that this audit will be conducted at several Boeing aircraft plants, including Charleston, Renton, South Carolina, and Washington, and at the FAA itself.

This situation is due to the fact that several complaints have been filed with the US Congress, which is why the DOT itself stated that it would evaluate the FAA processes to “identify, and resolve production problems”, as well as to address “accusations of undue pressure within the production environment.

According to the DOT, more than 330 million passengers worldwide will fly on Boeing aircraft in 2021. With an order book of nearly 4,200 aircraft, the manufacturer completed deliveries of more than 160 new aircraft during the first half of 2022. , including the MAX model.

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