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Disassembling an A380 will require six months

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Tarmac Aragón, a company dedicated to the maintenance and recycling of aircraft, based at Teruel airport, Spain, will take half a year to dismantle an Airbus A380, a commercial aircraft with the largest passenger capacity in the world, which has 800 seats.

The vehicle will have its parts removed for the sale of its components as spare parts, while the fuselage will be reused as raw material and, due to the high volume of work, a team of six people will be required, who will work for six months.

The person in charge of dismantling and recycling of Tarmac Aragón, Ignacio Guillén, explained that the elements of the aircraft are larger and heavier than those of any other example, since only the engine weighs seven tons; he also highlighted the aircraft's exceptional dimensions, with a maximum wing width of 17 meters and a wingspan of 80 meters.

The parts obtained will be delivered to the owner, in this case, to the person who bought the plane from an airline that removed it from its fleet, so that it can resell them. The aircraft that Tarmac is going to disarm has 12 years to live, far from the usual 25 that planes meet before leaving the runways.

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