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Delta selects Airbus Services to refurbish some A350s

Delta Air Lines, one of the main global operators of the European manufacturer, announced that it chose Airbus Services to carry out the remodeling of the passenger cabin of the Airbus A350-900 that it bought from LATAM, to standardize them with the rest of its fleet. . The airline's decision, they say, was because being part of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) it has the knowledge and capacity to offer large-scale technical solutions and complex remodeling, and that is that for the airline this remodeling of aircraft is one of the largest and most complete cabin renovation programs.

To fully meet Delta's complex requirements for cabin experience, connectivity, avionics and system configuration, the refurbishment program will be a complete end-to-end turnaround of the aircraft, with Airbus delivering all service bulletins including wiring schematics. engineering, kits and necessary technical support.

Delta is currently one of the airlines with the largest wide-body Airbus fleet in the world, with 28 Airbus A350-900 aircraft in service plus another 6 on order; as well as 62 A330s including 11 of the -200 version, 31 of the -300 version and 20 of the new -900neo version. The 8 A350 aircraft that will be remodeled with Airbus Services are those that were part of the LATAM Brazil fleet and that this airline decommissioned seeking to have a more homogeneous fleet.

Delta Air Lines Vice President of Fleet Kristen Bojko commented:

"Working together, Airbus Services will ensure that the cabins match the rest of our fleet. The A350 is an essential part of Delta's route network and this enhancement will allow us to offer customers the high-altitude service they value."

For his part, the President and Director of Airbus Americas, Jeffrey Knittel, said:

"Delta's confidence in Airbus Services shows that we can offer our customers comprehensive renewal options. We respect our close working relationship with the Delta teams that will make this program successful."

Of the 8 former LATAM A350s, 3 are already in service with Delta with a completely different interior, and 5 more are in storage awaiting reactivation, possibly after interior refurbishment. The renovation includes the addition of the 32 Delta One suites, the more spacious 48-seat Delta Plus class facility; plus the remodeling of Economy class.

This implies moving bathrooms and kitchens, as well as changes to upper luggage racks in accordance with the new layout, new seats, in-flight entertainment system, WiFi and all the finishes in accordance with the airline's image in upholstery, carpets and coverings interiors.

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