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Delta Air Lines Explores A330-900N and A350 as Replacement Options for Aging Fleet

Delta Air Lines is reportedly in talks with Airbus for an order of "dozens" of wide-body aircraft. According to a report, the A330-900N and A350 models are being considered to replace the older A330 and B767 types currently in service.

While discussions are ongoing, there is a tentative expectation that an announcement could be made at the upcoming Paris Air Show. Delta Air Lines already operates A330-900N and A350-900 aircraft, but it also has a significant number of older models, including A330-200, A330-300, B767-300ER, and B767-400ER.

Currently, Delta operates 22 A330-900N aircraft, with an average fleet age of 1.9 years, and it has an additional 16 on order. The company also has 28 A350-900 aircraft in its fleet, with an average fleet age of 4.6 years.

Among the older wide-body aircraft that Delta is looking to replace, there are 11 A330-200s with an average fleet age of 18.1 years, 31 A330-300s with an average fleet age of 14.4 years, 45 B767-300ERs with an average fleet age of 27.2 years, and 21 B767-400ERs with an average fleet age of 22.4 years.

While the report did not specify which A350 variant the airline is considering, it was previously speculated that Delta was looking to order the A350-1000. This speculation was related to the canceled order by Qatar Airways, which resulted in Airbus having completed A350s available, and reports indicated that Delta was seeking a significant deal to take the aircraft off the manufacturer's hands.

However, the legal dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways has since been resolved, and the order for 23 A350-1000 aircraft has been reinstated, according to information from Ch-aviation and Bloomberg.

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