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Centerline Airport Partners and ACI-LAC announce alliance

Centerline Airport Partners, a global company specializing in airport financing, investment, development and management, is now part of the Airports Council International-Latin America and the Caribbean (ACI-LAC) network of Global Business Partners. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and with the participation of partners and investors in the United States, Dubai and Latin America, Centerline has experience managing public-private partnership (3P) contracts, leading complex Engineering, Procurement and Construction projects. (EPC) that include greenfield airports (totally new). Centerline Airport Partners also has proven experience in securing airport project refinancing and providing world-class service to multiple stakeholders with its Skytrax 5-star vision and ACI-ASQ leading airports, achieving results focused on exceptional customer experience. “Centerline Airport Partners is an important player in the development of airports in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as throughout the world. His experience and vision will be of unquestionable value for the development of new airport projects and the strengthening of our industry on a global scale”, stated Rafael Echevarne, general director of ACI-LAC, welcoming Centerline to the organization. Meanwhile, Andrew O'Brian, president and CEO of the company, recognized the importance of being a business partner of ACI-LAC. “At Centerline we know first-hand the importance of industry associations such as ACI-LAC, which bring together various airports and service providers to promote the interests of airports and the industry as a whole. Aviation is an engine driving continued development around the world, as well as post-pandemic recovery, and at Centerline Airport Partners we are focused on improving the overall performance of existing airports through our financial and operational involvement, and giving life to new airport projects”, he added.

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