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Captain Sully resigns as ambassador to ICAO

After six months in office, Chesley Sullenberger, better known as Captain Sully, resigned from his post as US ambassador to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), without offering any explanation.

In a brief statement released last week, Sully said only that it was a difficult decision; which surprised the aeronautical and political environment of the United States.

Before his resignation, Sullenberger was against a proposal presented by regional airlines to reduce the provisions of experience for the hiring of new pilots due to the low availability of professionals in the United States.

During the past 11th edition of the Pan American Aviation Safety Summit 2022 of the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), the hero of the Hudson assured that technological tools, such as new navigation, monitoring or proximity alert systems to land they have provided greater security to air operations; however, confidence in pilots and safety culture play an equal, if not greater, role.

In December 2021, during his inauguration, Captain Sullenberger had promised to face the challenges presented by the airline industry, particularly in environmental matters; as well as ensuring that global aviation had the highest levels of security.

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