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Brazil certifies 100 airports in AVSEC safety

The Brazilian government has granted AVSEC safety certification to 100 airports throughout the country. The certification recognizes that airports have met the safety requirements for civil aviation and have implemented adequate measures to prevent acts of unlawful interference in aviation.

AVSEC certification is issued by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and is a mandatory requirement for all commercial airports in Brazil. To obtain certification, airports must meet a series of security requirements, including establishing a comprehensive security program, training their staff in security, implementing physical security measures at airport facilities, and implementing security measures for luggage and cargo.

With this certification, Brazil demonstrates its commitment to civil aviation security and joins other countries that have implemented strong security measures at their airports. The certification also increases travelers' confidence in Brazil's aviation system and helps promote tourism and commerce in the country.

The 100 certified airports are located throughout Brazil, including the major airports in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Brasilia. In addition, ANAC continues to work with other airports to ensure they meet security requirements and can obtain AVSEC certification in the future.

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