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Bombardier introduces the Global 8000, the fastest business jet

This May 23, the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier presented the new Global 8000, the most recent long-range commercial aircraft. According to the company, this will be the fastest executive aircraft in the world and will have an ultra-long range of up to 8,000 nautical miles; Furthermore, it has a maximum speed capability of Mach 0.94.

In a context where executive aviation not only did not decline like commercial aviation, but demand even increased, Bombardier presented the Global 8000. The manufacturer based in Montreal, Canada, launched the new executive aircraft with which it wants to compete with models such as the Gulfstream G700 and the Dassault Falcon 10X.

The Global 8000 is the same size as its predecessor the Global 7500 with seating for 19 people; It will also be equipped with the General Electric Passport engine. Its list price is estimated at $78 million dollars, that is, $3 million more than the Global 7500.

It is even a little more expensive than the planes with which it seeks to compete and that we just mentioned. This new aircraft will enter service in 2025 and Bombardier is confident that the Global 8000 can consolidate itself in the elite's taste.

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