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Boeing Outperforms Airbus in First Quarter Aircraft Deliveries

According to reports from the first quarter, Boeing has surpassed Airbus in aircraft deliveries for the first time since 2018. The American manufacturer delivered 130 aircraft, while its European rival only completed 127.

Of the 130 aircraft delivered by Boeing in the first three months of this year, 86.9% were from the 737 model, with 113 aircraft delivered. The remaining six were divided into 4 B777, one B747, and one B767. It is worth noting that only 11 aircraft from the wide-body model 787 were delivered.

On the other hand, Airbus delivered a more diverse range of aircraft, with 59 A321neo, 45 A320neo, 10 A220-300, and two A319neo. For the wide-body models, Airbus delivered five A330-900, one A330-200, and five A350-900.

It is worth highlighting that three of these aircraft were delivered to Mexican operators, two A321neo for Viva Aerobus and one A320neo for Volaris through ALAFCO.

Boeing announced that it will provide detailed financial results for the first quarter on April 26.

It is clear that both manufacturers continue to face problems in keeping up with the growing demand for new commercial aircraft with low fuel consumption.

Boeing's factory in Seattle has established a production rate of 31 aircraft per month and has proposed increasing production by 23% by mid-year, as Bloomberg revealed earlier this month.

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