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Boeing and ACG Join Forces for a Greener Aviation Future

Boeing and Aviation Capital Group (ACG) have made an exciting announcement, solidifying their commitment to the future of aviation. ACG, a prominent player in the aircraft leasing industry, has just placed an order for 13 cutting-edge 737 MAX aircraft. This strategic move brings their total order to a substantial 47 units of this innovative model.

ACG's fresh order encompasses seven 737-8 and six 737-10 aircraft, underlining their dedication to expanding their range of single-aisle aircraft. This expansion responds to the growing demand from airlines worldwide, as they seek to leverage the remarkable efficiency and versatility offered by the 737 MAX family.

Steven Udvar-Hazy, ACG's Senior Vice President and Chief Aircraft Trading Officer, expressed their enthusiasm: "We are pleased to expand ACG's commitment to the 737 MAX program. This additional order will enable ACG to offer highly fuel-efficient and versatile aircraft to our airline customers worldwide."

The 737 MAX series has become a game-changer for airlines, delivering enhanced efficiency and route flexibility, especially for short to medium-haul flights. This makes it an invaluable asset for aircraft lessors like ACG. With over 1,300 737 MAX aircraft already ordered by lessors, it's clear that these aircraft are shaping the future of aviation.

The 737-8, with its capacity to carry up to 210 passengers and a range of 3,500 nautical miles, and the larger 737-10, accommodating up to 230 passengers with a range of 3,100 nautical miles, have already demonstrated their prowess in reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 20% compared to their predecessors.

Christy Reese, Vice President of Global Commercial Marketing and Sales at Boeing Commercial Leasing, highlighted the positive impact of ACG's expanding MAX fleet, emphasizing the benefits of operating a more sustainable and efficient aircraft fleet.

These aircraft are not only environmentally friendly but also quieter, boasting a noise footprint that is 50% smaller than their predecessors. On average, each 737 MAX saves up to eight million pounds of CO2 emissions annually compared to the aircraft it replaces, making them a beacon of a greener aviation future. Boeing and ACG's shared vision for the aviation industry couldn't be clearer, and it's a vision that promises a brighter, more sustainable future for air travel.

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