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BOC Aviation Limited places order for 40 Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft

BOC Aviation Limited and Boeing announced that the aircraft lessor is expanding its 737 MAX portfolio with an order for 40 additional Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. With the order, BOC Aviation is advancing its strategy of purchasing new, fuel-efficient and environmentally sustainable aircraft that are in demand among airline customers. Boeing continues to experience strong market demand for the 737 MAX Family, with more than 1,500 gross orders since the end of 2020. "We are proud that BOC Aviation continues to invest in the 737 MAX 8 with its industry-leading versatility and ability to fly profitably in almost any short- and medium-haul market. We look forward to further opportunities to expand our relationship to support BOC Aviation and its clients”. The 737 MAX 8 is designed to offer more fuel efficiency, reliability and flexibility in the single-aisle market. The aircraft can fly 3,500 nautical miles, some 600 miles more than its predecessor, allowing airlines to offer new, more direct routes for passengers profitably. Compared to the aircraft it replaces, the 737-8 also offers superior efficiency, uses 20% less fuel and significantly reduces CO2 emissions and operating costs.

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