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Biofuels, the future of the aviation industry?

Biofuels are more than a passing trend and are gradually solidifying as an alternative for the industry. The most recent case is that of United Airlines and its flight between Chicago and Washington using 100% sustainable aviation fuel. The proposed goal is to ensure that this type of biofuels move aviation by 2050.

All this is part of the global effort made to reduce CO2 emissions and the impact they have on the environment. These biofuels are the result of working with renewable materials such as algae, corn-based ethanol, and waste carbon.

The main challenge is to achieve long-term commitments by each of the players in the industry, since this is the only way in which companies dedicated to the production of biofuels can count on the economic capacity to sustain efforts during this difficult time.

According to Reporter Link, the biofuels industry is looking to achieve $1.31 billion in growth within the next 4 years.

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