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Argentina: Ezeiza Airport will be supplied almost entirely with renewable energy from 2023

Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (AA2000) reached a long-term agreement with Genneia, the main renewable energy generator in the country, to supply 100% of the energy for the new departures terminal of the Ezeiza International Airport in Buenos Aires, which will be inaugurated during the first quarter of 2023. In addition, it will supply more than 90% of the total consumption of the airport with renewable energies within the framework of the MATER (Renewable Energy Term Market). The contract will allow to supply the energy of the new terminal and will provide more than 90% of the energy used by the entire Ezeiza International Airport, which will amount to almost 70 MWh-year from the inauguration of the new terminal. This will mean a reduction of the order of 90% of CO2 emissions. The possibility of transferring this supply to other airports is also being evaluated. “This contract transforms Genneia into a strategic partner of the airport and reaffirms our commitment to the environment, allowing us to have more predictable energy costs. It is a first step towards using renewable energy in other airports in the country”, commented Daniel Ketchibachian, CEO of AA2000. The supply will be made from a pool of assets of the Genneia company, among which are the Villalonga II Wind Farm, Pomona II Wind Farm, Chubut Norte II Wind Farm and the Sierras de Ullum photovoltaic solar park. With this initiative, AA2000 confirms its commitment to the environment and sustainability within the framework of its Sustainability policy aimed at reducing carbon emissions.

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