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Are you ready to fly with Uber?

Uber, the popular city transportation platform, conquered cities and millions of users with its on-demand transportation offer. It was undoubtedly a disruptive model that earned them serious fights with unions that were not willing to lose control of their millionaire business, but time and the appreciation of better service and fairer rates ended up winning.

Now Uber is ready to take to the skies and is looking to launch its flight and train booking service through its platform.

The Californian company is testing a pilot in the UK in which it allows users to plan longer trips and with this become a "super-app".

This leads us to imagine how easy it would be to organize our trip from the door of our house, to cross the skies, be received by a new unit, and arrive at our destination without complications.

We hope that this proposal advances and very soon it will be a reality.

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