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American Airlines makes an investment in Universal Hydrogen

American Airlines announced Monday its strategic equity investment in Universal Hydrogen, a company that is building a green hydrogen distribution and logistics network for aviation. The investment supports the airline's science-based goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 and ultimately its commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. This investment makes American the first US airline to make two direct investments focused on the development of both hydrogen electric propulsion technology and the future of hydrogen distribution logistics. Universal Hydrogen's fuel distribution network uses modular hydrogen pods that are handled as cargo, eliminating the need for new airport fueling infrastructure and accelerating fueling operations. Universal Hydrogen anticipates starting hydrogen deliveries for regional aircraft in 2025, with plans to expand its services to larger single-aisle aircraft, first as auxiliary power in the late 2020s and then as primary fuel in the mid-2020s. By 2030. Because these segments account for two-thirds of aviation emissions, and because green hydrogen is a truly carbon-free fuel, these advances put aviation on track to meet the emissions targets of the Agreement. Paris. "This technology has the potential to be a game changer in the industry's path to zero-emission flight," said American Chief Financial Officer Derek Kerr. "As the world's largest airline, American has a responsibility to exercise leadership in making aviation sustainable." American joins Airbus Ventures, GE Aviation and Toyota Ventures, as well as several major hydrogen producers and aircraft lessors, as strategic investors in Universal Hydrogen.

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