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All-in-One Micrometer Kit By J Chadwick Company

The new 8600C "All-In-1" Kit is designed to support a wide range of applications at a cost-effective price. It includes the Optical Micrometer and powerful accessories in one portable and versatile surface inspection kit.

OPTICAL DEPTH MICROMETER The Optical Depth Micrometer is a visual inspection microscope designed to make quick, accurate and repeatable measurements of the depth of small surface features, like pits and scratches. It works on flat and curved surfaces and most materials including metal, plastic, latex, composite, paint, chemical finishes, glass and other transparencies.

LAB STAND with X-Y STAGE For use in situations where the subject’s surface geometry prevents using the handheld Micrometer on a standard base. Brackets with complex shapes are a good example of this problem. The X-Y stage makes it easy to precisely position subjects within the field of view.

DINO-EYE® AM7025X EYEPIECE CAMERA The Dino-Eye camera connects to a laptop or tablet for electronic inspection records with detailed annotations and high-resolution images.

CAGE CODE 65956 GSA GS-24F-0043N

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