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Alaska Airlines ready to train the next generation of pilots

The importance of having qualified and developed talent has not been overlooked in the decisions of Alaska Airlines, a company that has decided to create a partnership with the aim of training new pilots, this with the objective of adding to the scarcity of talent experienced around the world.

The idea is based on promoting training to add new pilots to the regional airline Horizon Air to later join Alaska Airlines. Other global companies with such academies include United Airlines.

The academic partnership is between Alaska Airlines and Hillsboro Academy.

The main problem is that many pilots are retiring upon reaching the FAA-designated age limit of 65. Alaska Airlines estimates that the organization needs to hire 500 pilots per year, which represents an estimated 2,000 by 2025. This effort also includes a commitment to mitigate the costs of becoming a certified pilot, which can currently reach as high as $90,000 USD.

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