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Airline receives the wrong parts and misses the Easter sale

The industry has been waiting for the day when flights return to their usual volume, just like before the pandemic, and there are cases in which that recovery has already been seen, but there are also others that have not been so lucky.

An example is that of Auringy Air Services, which serves as the flag carrier for Guernsey and due to receiving the wrong parts on order, was forced to cancel part of its flights during the Easter weekend.

But the story goes much further. The order was made to the General Atomics company, which did not have the parts in stock, so they proceeded to manufacture them. When the shipment arrived, Auringy realized the parts were incorrect, so now they wait for new parts to be made while their planes are grounded.

As if this were not enough, boats had to be used to transport passengers from one destination to another.

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