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Airbus Surpasses Expectations with the Completion of Sixth Beluga XL Aircraft

Airbus originally planned to build just five units of the BelugaXL, its modified A330 aircraft designed for transporting oversized cargo, to replace its old A300-600ST Beluga fleet. However, the aerospace giant decided to go the extra mile and manufacture an additional unit. This milestone was celebrated as the sixth BelugaXL successfully took to the skies for its maiden flight, marking the completion of the project to upgrade its fleet.

"It's a momentous week for our BelugaXL. As our sixth and final giant soars the skies for the first time, we also celebrate the fifth anniversary since the first flight of our initial super-transporter," stated Airbus.

The BelugaXL, which is a highly modified A330, ceased production in early July and is specifically designed for transporting aerostructures between Airbus' fuselage manufacturing facilities. With its successful integration, the aircraft is poised to join its XL siblings in flying aircraft sections between production sites and supporting large-scale cargo missions.

Equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines, these six BelugaXL aircraft showcase Airbus' commitment to innovation and efficiency in its transport operations. This achievement highlights Airbus' dedication to delivering enhanced logistics capabilities and maintaining a cutting-edge fleet.

The success of the BelugaXL project not only represents a technological advancement for Airbus but also a significant milestone in the aviation industry's cargo transportation capabilities. As these new super-transporters take flight, they are set to play a crucial role in supporting Airbus' production process and bolstering the company's logistical capabilities on a global scale.

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