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Airbus launches cargo airline with whale-shaped super transporter

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Airbus launches cargo airline to commercialize its Beluga fleet of supersize jets. They will transport large aircraft components to and from manufacturing sites, providing airlift for large shipments.

These beluga whales do not float or swim; they fly. Airbus's super freighter mimics the characteristics of the beluga whale with its bulbous forehead design.

Known as Airbus Beluga Transport, the new service will serve commercial customers in industries such as space, energy, military, aviation, maritime, and humanitarian aid. Beluga has the largest cross-section of any transport aircraft, making it ideal for heavy-lift missions. The cargo area is 23 feet wide and nearly 22 feet high, making it unnecessary to disassemble equipment, saving time and money.

The number of extra-large aircraft that can carry project cargo, like power generators, trucks, mining equipment, cranes, trucks, and satellites, has increased. According to industry executives, since COVID-19, general cargo hauling has become a frequent duty for airlines, resulting in a decrease in cargo space.

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