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Airbus earns 1,901 million in the first half of the year, 14.8% less

The European manufacturer Airbus achieved a net profit of 1,901 million euros during the first half of the year, 14.8% less than a year ago, which it blamed on the complex global economic environment.

The European aeronautical group announced this Wednesday revenues of 24.8 billion euros during the first half of the year (0.8% more), as well as 259 net orders (38 units in the same period of 2021), reported EFE.

The net operating result (Ebit) remained almost stable at 2,645 million euros (2,703 million a year ago).

The company delivered 297 aircraft through June, the same number as a year earlier.

In addition, it has slightly adjusted its plan downwards to increase the production of its best-selling aircraft, the A320 family, which it expected to reach 75 units per month in 2025.

Due to supply chain issues, that figure will now be 65 units per month in 2024, some six months later than anticipated.

Airbus maintains its perspective a net operating profit of about 5,500 million euros during this year, with the delivery of a total of about 700 aircraft.

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