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Airbus Beluga Transport: Soaring to New Heights with Air Operator Certificate Achievement

Airbus Beluga Transport (AiBT), Airbus' innovative cargo division, has achieved a significant milestone by obtaining its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) after two years of operations.

This accomplishment marks the culmination of an ambitious project initiated in January 2022 with the launch of Airbus's oversized cargo service, initially operated by Airbus Transport International (ATI).

The AOC acquisition process involved the meticulous compilation of documents covering flight safety, flight operations, ground operations, technical operations, and crew training.

The final dossier was submitted in mid-2023, followed by a decisive audit by authorities in September 2023. With the final approval from the Continuous Airworthiness Maintenance Organization (CAMO) in November, AiBT solidified its status as an independent airline.

The transformation into a full-fledged airline involved more than mere documentation and regulatory compliance; it also focused on establishing the company in terms of resources. AiBT recruited nearly 60 employees, both through external hires and internal workforce mobility within Airbus. Additionally, they developed their facilities, including their headquarters and an operational base at Francazal Airport near Toulouse.

Currently, AiBT's fleet comprises three aircraft, with a fourth expected in 2024. Initially, AiBT is operating flights within Airbus's existing network, focusing on short-haul routes within Europe. This allows AiBT to test its internal procedures and train its staff, including new pilots, before resuming its primary business of long-haul missions.

Furthermore, AiBT plans to expand its customer base and the cargo capabilities of the BelugaST, aiming to operate long-haul missions and increase flight frequency to three missions per month in 2024. This strategic expansion underscores AiBT's commitment to delivering efficient and reliable oversized cargo services on a global scale.

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