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Airbus A380 as a private jet: is it a pipe dream?

Many private and VIP versions of commercial aircraft are in service worldwide. Private versions of commercial aircraft are often owned by governments, companies and even private individuals.

Airbus and Boeing have their own business jet programs. Boeing has its Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), while Airbus has the Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) program. Both manufacturers offer a wide range of VIP aircraft — from the smallest ACJ318 Elite to giants such as BBJ787 Dreamliner or ACJ350.

If Airbus reconfigured the Airbus A380, it would be the largest private aircraft in operation. But the ACJ380 (Airbus Corporate Jets 380) never saw the light of the day. Why did it never make it to the business jet market? AeroTime investigates.

The story of Airbus A380 Flying Palace

There has never been a privately configured Airbus A380. But there has been interest in the executive version of the Airbus A380 aircraft.