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Air Traffic Controllers: At what age should they retire?

In the aviation industry, there are countless positions that contribute their efforts every day to ensure that the market can operate and fly effectively.

Although they are all important, there are some that are more visible or known, this is the case of the Air Traffic Controllers.

A high-pressure job that requires the individual to always be in the best possible shape. This job also has the peculiarity of being highly regulated, something that happens with very few positions.

In the case of Air Traffic Controllers, there are established ages for their retirement and they depend on the regulation of each country. In the case of the USA and the FAA, the age is 56 when for pilots it is between 60 and 65, depending on the case.

In Europe retirement ages vary, with Belgium requiring the youngest exit at 55, France at 57 and Finland being the most flexible at 65.

According to the FAA, the approximate salary for Air Traffic Controllers is $127,805 USD annually.

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