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Air Canada's recovery won't come before 2024

The board of directors of the company has expressed with certainty that for them a total recovery of the business will not happen before the end of 2024.

The goal is to achieve at least 95% of the scope managed during 2019, just before the pandemic. A stage in which the company suffered severe blows represented by $400 USD absorbed by the government plus a $4.25 billion loan.

The company's confidence is in a stable recovery during 2022 with an increase in seat use of 150% in favor compared to the previous year. This calculation is made taking into consideration the possible risks and challenges.

Included in this analysis is the increase in the cost of fuel, which maintains an average of 0.88$ USD so far this year.

In its favor, the increasingly relaxed restrictions by the Canadian government towards passengers arriving in the country are trusted.

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