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Air Canada Enhances its Boeing 787-10 Fleet with GE Aerospace's GEnx-1B Engines

Air Canada has placed an order for 36 GEnx-1B engines from GE Aerospace, along with four spares, to power its expanding fleet of Boeing 787-10 aircraft. This move underscores the airline's confidence in the efficiency and performance of the GEnx engines.

In addition to their impressive performance, Air Canada's decision takes into consideration the environmental benefits of the GEnx-1B engines, which offer a 1.4% fuel savings. These engines are known for their versatility and ability to use sustainable aviation fuels. GE Aerospace confirmed today that Air Canada has ordered 36 GEnx-1B engines along with four spares to support their recent acquisition of Boeing 787-10 aircraft. This order also includes options for an additional 24 GEnx-1B engines, marking a significant step forward for the airline's fleet.

Based in Montreal, Air Canada received its first Dreamliner in 2014 and currently operates 38 Boeing 787-8 and -9 aircraft, all powered by the reliable GEnx engines from GE. This decision underscores the airline's trust in the efficiency and performance of these next-generation engines.

Kathy MacKenzie, Vice President of Commercial Programs at GE Aerospace, expressed her satisfaction, saying, "It is an honor for GE Aerospace that Air Canada continues to place their trust in our GEnx engine, and we look forward to working together to introduce these engines into Air Canada's fleet."

Air Canada's choice of the GEnx-1B engines also takes into account the environmental benefits they offer. Not only do these engines provide a 1.4% fuel savings for a typical 787 mission compared to the competition, translating to an annual savings of $300,000 per aircraft, but they also contribute to a reduction of over 2 million pounds of CO2 emissions per aircraft annually. A key point is that the GEnx engines can run on approved blends of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), contributing to the sustainability of air travel. This choice underscores Air Canada's commitment to eco-efficiency. The GEnx, representing a milestone in propulsion technology, utilizes advanced materials and design processes to reduce weight, enhance performance, and lower maintenance requirements.

This engine has become the optimal choice for long-haul flights, aligning with Air Canada's vision for a sustainable and efficient future in aviation.

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