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Air Canada celebrates its 85 years remembering one of its first planes; Lockheed L-10A Electra

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Air Canada celebrated its 85th anniversary with the donation of an aviation jewel; it is a Lockheed L-10-A Electra that is owned by the airline and was the first aircraft flown for the Canadian airline in 1937 from the legendary Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA). ´

This mythical CF-TCC registration aircraft made its final journey from the company's hangar at the Winnipeg International Airport to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, in Winnipeg, where it will rest in a static and permanent exhibition, where the The public will be able to view this iconic piece of aviation history.

This Lockheed L-10 Electra named "Pleiades", was one of the first three ordered by Trans-Canada Air Lines and given the conditions of preservation of the equipment, it was one of only two aircraft of the model in the world that continued to fly.

"There is no better preservation and commemoration for one of our original aircraft than to have this piece of equipment on permanent display in Winnipeg, which was one of the original hubs for TCA when the airline began operations in 1937 thanks to its central location in our country. Air Canada has a long and rich history connecting Canadians from coast to coast that continues to this day, and it all started with the Lockheed L-10A 85 years ago."

According to the company, the Lockheed L-10 Electra, registration CF-TCC, made its first flight on September 1, 1937, with a 50-minute flight between Vancouver and Seattle Airports, carrying a load of mail and only two passengers.

TCA had purchased the route plus two Lockheed L-10A aircraft from Canadian Airways. In that same month, TCA purchased an additional three brand new Lockheed L-10A aircraft from the Lockheed factory for $73,000 each.

These aircraft were nicknamed the "Three Sisters" and carried the registrations CF-TCA, CF-TCB and CF-TCC. The first aircraft, CF-TCA, is now at the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa. CF-TCC last flew in 2018 and was one of two remaining Lockheed L-10A Electra aircraft still flying in the world.

After being operated by TCA from 1937 to 1939, CF‐TCC was sold to the Canadian Department of Transport. Over the next 40 years, the aircraft was sold multiple times to various private corporations and individuals.

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