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aha! American Startup achieves its 1,500th flight

With only seven months of operation in the world of aviation, the American Startup aha! Has achieved an important milestone in its existence, reaching its 1,500th flight.

aha! Also known as "air-hotel-adventure", is an ExpressJet brand and has been able to identify the needs of the current market, which has allowed it to fulfill this achievement.

The story began with a flight that left Nevada for Washington and since then, the airline has not stopped crossing the skies.

Important to notice is that behind ExpressJet we have two important brands that are Atlantic Southeast Airlines and Continental Express, who have a history that exceeds 40 years.

The basic proposal of aha! Is to provide flights to small communities with direct travel to popular destinations like Reno-Lake in the Tahoe region.

The ideal distance considered by aha! to conclude that it is optimal is 600 miles (965 kilometers).

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