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Aerus, the new Mexican airline that is shaping up to fly in 2023

The company, part of the Grupo Herrera conglomerate, plans to have national and international operations with new generation Cesna equipment.

The company Aerotransportes Rafilher S.A. of C.V. obtained a concession as a new operator of regular passenger, cargo, and mail air transport, with which it plans to start operating as an airline under the name of Aerus from the first quarter of 2023.

The company, which is part of the Grupo Herrera conglomerate, based in San Luis Potosí, plans to start operations in a first stage in the northeast of the country, with both domestic and international flights.

By 2030, the company's goal is to cover the entire country, in addition to operating international flights, said Javier Herrera, founder and CEO of Aerus, who assured that the company will use new generation Cesna equipment, with which will seek the reduction of Co2/Carbon by 50% by 2033.

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