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Aeroitalia: A new Startup on the Italian horizon

A new Startup is ready to take off from Forlì International Airport with the aim of connecting key cities in the business world.

At a press conference that took place at the Hilton Hotel in Rome, the launch of Aeroitalia was announced, a new Startup ready to conquer the Italian skies.

The operation will begin in May 2022 and its fleet will be made up of various Boeing 737-800 units.

According to Giuseppe Careddu, CCO of the airline, the main objective of this new Startup is to faithfully represent the Italian spirit around the world, this through quality service, warm treatment, beauty, and excellence, the four-company pillars.

Aeroitalia seeks to recover the human touch in business and from there build a brand. Aeroitalia obtained its operational certificate on April 22, 2022 and is ready to fly to destinations on the Italian Riviera.

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