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A new airline with A340 aircraft could be born in Germany; USC

Originally United Sky Cargo (USC), it could be a new airline that will start operating with two Airbus A340 aircraft soon that will have the capacity to fly passengers and cargo, while there are plans for a third freighter-only aircraft (Freighter). The information was published by the German site AeroTELEGRAPH, in its edition of December 23, 2022. According to the information, little is known and known about the new USC, which still does not have an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). , according to the German Federal Aviation Office. The information on the portal of the same airline is vague, but reveals that it was founded in 2020 with people who have belonged to the aviation and airline industry, while it will also offer wet leasing and charter services. The two Airbus A340 aircraft are the -300 and -600 versions, which have the capacity to carry 253 and 317 passengers, respectively, including their Business classes. According to the records of the two aircraft, they were previously owned by the company South African Airlines, which have been in storage since 2022. The aircraft registration D-AUSZ and D-AUSC, have a life of 18 and 19 years, respectively. According to AeroTELEGRAPH, this airline could soon start operating from Frankfurt International Airport (FRA), where it is forecast to be the airline's base of operations.

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