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A New A380 Era: The 2021 Rise Of The Superjumbo

It seemed like the Airbus A380 was doomed following the emergence of the global health crisis. At one point, there were no A380s flying. Moreover, operators such as Air France and Lufthansa retired their units. However, despite the mass groundings, the superjumbo is seeing a positive twist of fate.

Several airlines were already planning to phase out their A380 units in favor of more efficient twinjet options. However, the pandemic catalyzed retirement parties due to long-haul travel being the most affected market segment in aviation.

Nonetheless, with passenger activity picking up again after a horrid year and a half, airlines are beginning to take another look at their options with the A380. Here is a rundown of where the plane stands with each of its operators.

All Nippon Airways

Just yesterday, ANA took on its third and final Airbus A380. The Japanese carrier primarily promotes the type for flights between Tokyo Narita and Honolulu. While restrictions were in place, it u