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A Historic Day in the Sky: The U.S. Sets a Record for Flights

November 26, 2023, marked an unprecedented day in U.S. aviation history. With over 2.9 million passengers, it became the busiest day ever recorded in American aviation. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) geared up for a historic holiday season, anticipating the screening of 30 million passengers. U.S. airlines responded by increasing their capacity, providing thousands of additional seats to meet the soaring demand for travel.

Record Figures at Airports

Sunday, November 26, 2023, stands as a milestone in U.S. aviation. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that day as the busiest on record, with a total of 2,907,378 people passing through their checkpoints. This number surpasses previous years, such as 2019 and 2022, showcasing a significant growth in air traffic.

Preparations for a Historic Season

The TSA prepared for a historic holiday season, projecting to screen about 30 million passengers during the Thanksgiving period, spanning from November 17 to 28. TSA Administrator David Pekoske anticipated record-breaking numbers, considering that 2023 has already witnessed seven of the ten busiest days in U.S. aviation history.

Implications for Airlines

U.S. airlines responded to this unprecedented demand by offering an average of 253,000 additional seats per day compared to 2022 figures. On November 26 alone, it was expected that nearly 3.07 million people would fly on approximately 23,100 flights, setting a new record for the highest number of airline seats occupied daily nationwide.

This surge in air travel not only reflects a recovering industry but also signals a remarkable shift in travel patterns and preferences. The aviation sector faces new challenges, but it is clear that people are eager to take to the skies, contributing to this historic milestone in the U.S. aviation landscape.

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