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A Decade of Excellence: Gulfstream and FlightSafety's Commitment to Aviation Training

Gulfstream Aerospace and FlightSafety International are celebrating a significant milestone as they commemorate the 10th anniversary of their groundbreaking, free ground services training program. This initiative underscores their unwavering commitment to advancing aircraft reliability and, most importantly, enhancing aviation safety.

This unique program, tailored for line service technicians, is designed to boost dispatch reliability while significantly raising the bar for the safety of Gulfstream aircraft and the dedicated professionals who support them.

The training sessions are nothing short of comprehensive. They offer detailed explanations and hands-on demonstrations of best practices in managing and servicing Gulfstream aircraft.

Topics covered include everything from parking, taxiing, and refueling to towing, snow and ice removal, and more. What sets Gulfstream apart is its unwavering support, as they cover the cost for fixed-base operator (FBO) personnel to complete the course annually.

Since its inception in October 2013, over 160 FBOs from 30 different countries have participated in this invaluable program. This year alone, more than 800 technicians have enrolled.

Derek Zimmerman, President of Gulfstream's Customer Support, speaks to the ongoing commitment, saying, "This program is a testament to our dedication to safety and service. We cherish our partnership with FlightSafety and take pride in collaborating with them. Over the past decade, an impressive 26,000 ground services training courses have been completed."

Over the past ten years, the program has evolved and expanded to accommodate Gulfstream's growing fleet. Today, it offers customized training for technicians responsible for a diverse range of Gulfstream aircraft, including the G150, G200, G280, G450, G550, G650, G500, G600, G700, and G800.

This remarkable achievement highlights a decade of excellence and underscores the unwavering commitment of Gulfstream and FlightSafety International to advancing safety, reliability, and service quality in the aviation industry.

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