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64 days of flight without landing. Who is it about?

Nowadays, even with all the technology we have, there are commercial flights that are still long, especially those in which we cross from continent to continent, but can you imagine 46 days of flight without stops? This is the story of a Cessna and two men who accomplished this great achievement.

The year was 1958, when the Las Vegas desert became the scene of a feat that continues to echo in the history of aviation today. It was Robert Timm, a pilot who participated in WW2 who had the idea together with the owner of the Las Vegas Hotel who brought this project to life with the aim of promoting the business. They knew that reaching a record in this category would attract the attention of the whole world, there was only one problem: How to achieve it?

Timm found a Cessna 172 and with it the ideal option to begin preparations. After several failed attempts, the aircraft received modifications, such as an extra tank to load fuel, as well as a system that allowed oil and filters to be recharged during flight.

Of course, in order to be able to fly for so long, it was necessary to design a gasoline refueling scheme by carrying out low-altitude flights and connecting with a truck that provided the fuel.

The total flight lasted from December 4, 1958, until February 7 of the same year. Timm and Cook, the owner of the old hotel, went down in history with their long flight, which today is still the record to beat.

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