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6 Boeing 757s will join the Amerijet fleet

Amerijet International Airlines is a company known worldwide for providing cargo services and in order to optimize its operation, it has decided to integrate 6 Boeing 757-200PCF into its fleet.

These aircraft, which will be tailored to meet the company's operational requirements, have been chosen for their fuel efficiency, extended range and high payload capacity. All this compared to similar aircraft for the cargo industry.

Amerijet has confirmed that this decision is an important step that will help its operation, which is mainly focused on the Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, and Europe.

With this addition, Amerijet's fleet will reach 20 aircraft, which also includes eight B767-300F and six B767-200F models.

The Boeing 757 line has reached an important milestone and that is to exceed 40 years of existence. What solidifies its presence in the industry and confirms the quality of its proposal. In addition, these models are still in high demand regardless of the fact that their production ceased in 2005.

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