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50% more Boeing 737 in Aeromexico in just one year

Boeing continues and will continue to be a benchmark in the aviation industry and its 737 model, a faithful representative of this statement.

Its presence within fleets is worldwide, and in the case of Latin America, there is no exception. Aeromexico, the leading airline in the Mexican market, has chosen to increase its Boeing 737 units and has done so by 50% in just one year, reaching a total of 36 units.

According to information shared by Boeing, Aeromexico is its main customer in the region. With the units received, the airline added 16-Premier Class business seats, 18-AM Plus economy seats, and 132 seats in the standard economy category.

Aeromexico currently has 140 units to carry out its flights that connect the country with multiple destinations around the world. We will see if this 2022 will represent a time of new arrivals of Boeing aircraft for the company and its passengers.

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