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2 weeks after a fatal crash, more than 100 planes remain grounded

March 21 was a day that has marked the Chinese aviation industry to the core. China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 was involved in a horrible accident that included human and material losses.

As of this event, the company announced a cessation of flights of its Boeing 737-800 aircraft. Represented by more than 100 units, specifically: 108. Today and two weeks after the decision was made, all airplanes are still suspended and without a clear return date.

This measure greatly impacts the operational capacity of the airline since it represents an important part of its total fleet, which is 600 units. This represents about 20% of its operating capacity.

In a calculation taking as an average a total of 5 hours of flight per unit per day, this represents at least 7,000 hours and the losses related to them.

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