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10% SAF will be used in Rolls-Royce engine testing

A new agreement has been reached in which Rolls-Royce agrees to use sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) within its engine tests. The agreement is to include at least 10% of this type of fuel and with this they gradually add to the transformation of the industry in favor of a more environmentally conscious practice.

The agreement will cover the three European headquarters that the company has. This implementation represents the use of an approximate 3 million liters of SAF during the tests.

The agreement will come into force in 2023, the exact time for the company to prepare at a technical level and have the capacity to start tests with this fuel mixture that will include 10% SAF.

From inside the company it has been communicated that this is one of the first steps towards transformation and the commitment of the well-known brand to the planet is reaffirmed.

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